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Refinishing or Replacing Hardwood Floors?

Refinishing or Replacing Hardwood Floors?

One of the main reasons homeowners prefer solid hardwood floors over engineered hardwood floor is due to their hardness and ability to withstand years of wear. A timeless design to any home, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime with the ability to be refinished to restore them to their original glory. However, in some cases, refinishing is just not a viable option.

Is it cheaper to refinish or replace hardwood floors?

It is most likely cheaper to refinish your floor than to replace it. When replacing, you must consider the cost of removing and disposing the old floor, buying the new wood as well as the cost of new installation. Fortunately, in most cases, hardwood floors can be refinished. How do you know when your hardwood floor is suitable for a refinishing? Here are a few examples:

  • Your hardwood floor has some dents, scratches, grooves, or surface wear but is still in good shape overall.
  • You like to change the color of your hardwood floor to a darker color to potentially cover pet stains or water damage.
  • You repair a section of your floor and need a refinishing to blend and match with the rest of your floor.

When Hardwood Floors Truly Need Replacing?  

There are certain times when refinishing is simply not an option, and your floors truly need a replacing. For instance, when there are several split and buckled planks that were affected due to a water damage or huge gaps among planks. However, we will do a careful assessment of your floor condition and let you know what options are best before you decide if you need a floor replacement or not.