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Hardwood Floor Repair & Restoration

What happens if your elegant floors have attained scratches, water damage, or minor buckling? These issues do not only take away the elegance, but it also ruins the aesthetic you want to achieve. Good news is you probably don’t need to spend a fortune in replacing the whole new floor if there are only a few pieces that are damaged. We can handle a wide range of essential repairs, including water damage, pest and termite damage, board removal and replacement due to a range of issues. Repair service we offer:

  • Patching radiator holes, wood holes
  • Fixing buckling wood pieces
  • Water damaged or stained wood floors
  • Pest or termite damaged wood floors
  • Hardwood Gouges & Dents due to carpet removal
  • Painted Floor Refinishing

Do not hesitate and call us right away at (617) 653-9312 so that I can immediately inspect your floor for its damages and give the necessary and immediate repairs!